Album Cover Artwork

Updated June 22

This is a look at interesting album cover artwork. The ten albums will be updated weekly on Friday. Generally, the albums shown will be new, with an occasional classic dropped in. Album title, artist and year of release is shown below the cover.

"The Tree"
"Science Fiction"
The Tree - Lori McKenna
Science Fiction - Tom Bailey
"Made To Be Broken"
Made To Be Broken - Soul Asylum
Zephyr - Zephyr
"A Flash of Bliss"
"Blue Moves"
A Flash of Bliss - Heidi Goodbye
Blue Moves - Elton John
"I'm All Ears"
"Things To Come"
I'm All Ears - Let's Eat Grandma
Things To Come - Seventh Wave
"The Awakening"
Gravity - Bullet For My Valentine
The Awakening - Discrepancies