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Welcome to "Chapworld"..The site began on April 10, 1998 as an outlet for my "hobby." There are several references to my "Music Library" or "ML" for short. This is what others now call "mix tapes" or CD compilations. My Music Library started with Tape #1 in September of 1982. There are now over 950 entries to my Music Library. Along about ML #70, I came up with a point system in order to rank all the artists I had ever taped. The Top 200 of these artists are compiled and updated every time I add new entries to the library. One look at my favorite artists and you'll notice a slant towards Electronic and Synth music, but as my Music Library has grown through the years, so has my wide range of music and artists from around the world. Sometimes I surprise myself what I end up bringing to my fold. Formats have changed through the years. Up through ML #237, I used cassette tapes. Then the MiniDisc format was around for ML #238 thru #342. Compact discs took over since ML #343. Then beginning with ML #486, my Music Library went to the digital more plastic.

For the first few years of my website, I posted only material related to my Music Library. Since then, I have expanded to many areas of entertainment, including interesting news items, and the world of cinema. "Here Is The News" (formally known as "Music News") still highlights topical stories from the world of music, but also brings my visitors curious human interest stories, and national and global issues, that the mainstream media may not cover.


I hope that everyone finds something of interest at my site. Barring any server issues, or computer crashes, I update everyday. You will never see an ad or a banner on my site. I know it is nothing near bells or whistles..just the facts. I do have a "real" job in the world of television, and once this website becomes "like a job"..I'll pull it. So far, I still love updating it. What I ask of you is, tell a friend..pass along the link. I do not advertise. If you see something you like, don't like, or just want to comment, pass me an